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Bookworm Bracelet - Solid Black

Bookworm Bracelet - Solid Black

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Celebrate your reading progress...with a NOTCH® Bookworm Bracelet!

NOTCH® Bookworm Bracelets are designed for Notches, like charms, but different!

They're made in Yorkshire using durable sports cord and feature our unique colour co-ordinated clasp, connected by two neodymium magnets, locking together to give a safe and secure super-strong snap.

They're stylish, colourful and available in four sizes and ten fabulous colour combinations, with clasps are engraved with the NOTCH® Bookworm and NOTCH® logo.

Individual Notches fit perfectly over the clasp and are held in place by two rubber spacers, which we supply with every Notch. You'll be able to fit at least 20 Notches on every Bracelet.

Each Notch you add to your Bracelet is specially engraved to tell the story of your personal reading progress!

Or you can create your own Personalised Notches, for anything that's important to you, from any aspect of your life.

Bracelet Sizing
Wrist Size (mm) Recommended

Typically Suits
(Guide only)

130-145 Extra Small Younger children ten years and under
145-160 Small Teenage children and adults with slimmer wrists


Adults and young males
175+ Large

Adults with larger wrists

Use a tape measure to check your Wrist Size (mm). For larger wrists, select size Large but add a note on the shopping cart page asking for 'made-to-measure'. Include your accurate wrist measurement with the tape tight to your wrist. We use this as the base measurement, so it is important that you do not allow any extra room. We add the extra length needed for comfort and Notches when we cut the material. For further information, see our size guide.