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  • Clare's Running Story

    september 05, 2023 2 min read

    Clare's Running Story

    2020 for me was the turning point in my lack of fitness and health. That’s when I started running. As for many people, Couch to 5k was the start of my journey. I then ran that distance in memory of my mother at the Race for Life. My time was 46 minutes, but I did it. 

    From there the bug took hold and I ran a 10k and then stupidly entered a half marathon - not having a clue about training. Yes, that went badly! I decided to join a running club which helped me to grow in confidence and in 2022 I started running better. Then I came across the Notch when a friend wore hers. 

    I bought my first bracelet and filled it with everything, from fastest park run to all my half marathons, even for the one when I travelled to Utah to run in the mountains. The bracelet was so full it hardly went on my wrist!

    In 2023 I ordered a new bracelet engraved with the year. I added Notches for my running club and my running coach group, plus one for my cat Marmite who died.

    I always think of Notches as my mini medals as I can wear them with pride even while out running. if I struggle with a run I can touch and see them, which for me, is so motivating. 

    So far this year I’ve run five half marathons. One was a huge Personal Best, so I’ve added a Notch for that too.

    Notch feels a bit like a club sometimes, as they start conversations with other wearers.  I’ve also purchased some for my running friends who now collect them too.

    And I love being able to match the notch to the colour of the medal ribbon.

    Next year I’ve decided to go bigger and try a full 26.2 miles !  Watch this space.  

    Clare Whitby

    Clare's Notch bracelet