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Travel Notches...memories of the path you've travelled

For those who serve our country and for all Service families

Pride Notches, inspired by the original meaning of the LGBT rainbow

Celebrate your weight loss milestones

NOTCH Bracelets are made from durable sports cord or premium napa leather

From Yorkshire, England, NOTCH Bracelets feature a unique stainless-steel or brass clasp, connected by two neodymium magnets, locking together with a safe and secure, super-strong snap. They're stylish, colourful and available in  a range of sizes and styles.

Notches are made from brass, stainless steel or anodised aluminium

From Yorkshire, England, Notches are hand polished and engraved using the latest laser guided technology for a clean, long-lasting result so achievements are never forgotten. Fine to wear 24/7, for training, going out, in the shower, bath, sea or tub! See the full range here or jump to our NOTCH® Collections overview.

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