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    Important Safety Notice Regarding the NOTCH Magnetic Clasp

    All NOTCH Bracelets use a neodymium magnet within the clasp. These magnets are much stronger than conventional magnets and are now very widely used in numerous products.

    Please be aware that the stronger magnetic fields surrounding neodymium magnets may alter the behaviour of a pacemaker or similar medical heart aid. Therefore do not allow a magnet near such a device (approximately 3cm has been recommended) although this abnormal behaviour will usually stop once the magnet is returned to a safe distance.

    You should also be aware that the stronger magnetic fields from neodymium magnets may, in some cases, cause damage by magnetising credit cards, magnetic I.D. cards, televisions, computer monitors, mechanical watches and CRT displays if placed in close contact. The magnets we use are small and are already encased within a steel clasp body limiting to some extent any impact but you must be made aware of this risk.

    Mark of Achievement Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage or harm caused by a NOTCH Bracelet and acceptance of this clause is a condition of sale and is stated within our terms and conditions.