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Welcome to the Badass Mother Runners NOTCH® Collection.

NOTCH® is the fashionable, stylish, go-anywhere bracelet designed for Notches (think of them as charms, but different!).

BAMR is an online community for mums that run! As mums we juggle a lot and for many of us running is 'our time'. BAMR is here to remind you that you are a total badass! Repeat 'I am a Badass Mother Runner!' 

So wear your bracelet with pride and celebrate your love of being a 'Mother Runner' by adding a selection of Badass Mother Runner Notches to your complementary NOTCH® Bracelet, Loop or Tale.

From Yorkshire England, Notches are made from brass, stainless steel or anodised aluminium. They're hand polished and engraved using laser guided technology for a clean, long-lasting result so achievements, memories and what matters most, is never forgotten.

NOTCH® Bracelets are made from durable sports cord or premium Napa leather. They feature our unique stainless steel or brass clasp, connected by two neodymium magnets, locking together to give a safe and secure, super-strong snap.

NOTCH® Loops and Tales, also made from durable sports cord or premium Napa leather, are the perfect alternative to Bracelets. Ideal for clipping onto sports bags, handbags, school bags, ski bags, luggage, key rings, lanyards, belt loops, zips, stable doors, pretty much anything and anywhere you want to celebrate what matters most in your life.


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