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#autismimagination Notch (Full List)
#autismimagination Notch (Full List)
#autismimagination Notch (Full List)
#autismimagination Notch (Full List)
#autismimagination Notch (Full List)
#autismimagination Notch (Full List)

#autismimagination Notch (Full List)

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Be Positive about autism! Be inclusive! be recognised...and support a society that values autism in style!

Busy Life™ is passionate about an enabling or positive narrative of autism. Our autism collections reflect this ethos, dispel some myths, and offer some explanations. They also highlight a particular need that someone with, or identifies with this label, may have.

Five collections have been created. The first is about identity, then I've created three entitled communication, socialisation, and imagination (I'm sure you know why!). Finally, there's one for sensory issues. I've also created some Notches for Asperger Syndrome as well.

Just glance at your wrist and your Busy Life™ Notch bracelet will gently remind you of your passion for seeing a world that truly values and includes persons with autism. Just as our society should, and needs, to be.

Busy Life™ makes a donation to a good cause from every sale made. 

NOTCH® is the fashionable, stylish, go-anywhere bracelet designed for Notches (think of them as charms, but different!). And for each Notch you add to your bracelet, you choose an inscription or personal dedication.

More About Your Engraving

The NOTCH® name and logo are engraved on one of the outer edges and the rim is engraved with one of the phrases selected from the menu. Choose your Notch colour this way too.

If you'd like to choose your own wording for the rim, just click Personal Engraving.

More About Your Notch

Notches are made from anodised aluminium or stainless steel and are hand polished. They have a 10.75 mm diameter and a 5.0 mm wide rim and are designed to fit perfectly onto one of our stylish NOTCH® Bracelets. We use laser guided engraving technology for a clean, long-lasting result so your affirmation is never forgotten.

Every Notch comes with two rubber spacers so as your collection grows, all your Notches sit snugly on your bracelet. 

More About Notch & Bracelet Starter Packs

Every Busy Life™ Notch is also available as a Notch & Bracelet Starter Pack, comprising the Notch and a choice of bracelet with a combined saving of £4.50. Starter Packs are available in a presentation tin or velvet pouch.

Busy Life™ Notch & Bracelet Starter Pack

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