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My First Book Notch
My First Book Notch
My First Book Notch
My First Book Notch

My First Book Notch

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Celebrate reading your first book...with a Notch!

We started NOTCH® because we think every achievement is something to shout about!

So wear your success with pride and celebrate reading your first book, with a specially engraved Notch in a colour of your choice.

More About Your Engraving

The NOTCH® name and logo are engraved on one of the outer edges and the rim is engraved with the inscription My First Book.

If you'd also like an icon or a year engraving after the text, just select those too. You can see the full range of Notch icons here. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to choose your own wording for the rim, see Personalised Engraving.

More About Your Notch 

Notches are like charms, but different! They're made from brass, anodised aluminium or stainless steel, and are hand polished. They have a 10.75 mm diameter and a 5.0 mm wide rim and are designed to fit perfectly onto one of our stylish NOTCH® Bookworm Bracelets, Loops or Tales.  

We use laser guided engraving for a clean, long-lasting result so your achievements are never forgotten.

Every Notch comes with two rubber spacers so as your collection grows, all your Notches sit snugly on your Bookworm Bracelet, Loop or Tale

More About Bookworm Bracelets

NOTCH® Bookworm Bracelets are made in Yorkshire, using durable sports cord. They feature our unique colour-co-ordinated aluminium clasp, connected by two neodymium magnets, locking together with a safe and secure, super-strong snap.

The NOTCH® Bookworm and the NOTCH® logo are engraved on the clasp.

They're stylish, colourful and available in four sizes and ten different colour combinations. You'll be able to fit at least 20 Notches onto any NOTCH® Bookworm Bracelet.

About Bookworm Loops and Tales

NOTCH® Bookworm Loops and Tales are also made in Yorkshire, using durable sports cord, with colour-co-ordinated aluminium ends.

They're available in a single size, with room for 12 Notches, and feature a robust metal clip, perfect for attaching to sports bags, school bags, satchels, luggage, zips or lanyards. A Loop measures 15cm end to end, and a Tale, (which also makes a great bookmark!), measures 12.5cm end to end.

The NOTCH® Bookworm and the NOTCH® logo are engraved on both ends and all Bookworm Loops and Tales are available in ten different colour combinations.

More About Bookworm Starter Packs

The My First Book Notch is also available as a Bookworm Starter Pack comprising the Notch PLUS your choice of Bracelet, Loop or Tale, saving £4.50.

My First Book Bookworm Starter Pack