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Red Cord Tale with stainless steel ends
Red Cord Tale with stainless steel ends

Red Cord Tale with stainless steel ends

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Show YOUR important and tell YOUR Tale...with NOTCH®.

Whatever matters most to YOU, whatever it is that's important in YOUR life, show it, with a NOTCH® Tale.

NOTCH® Tales are made in the UK using durable sports cord or premium napa leather for softness and durability.

Choose between colour co-ordinated aluminium ends or stainless steel ends.

NOTCH® Tales are designed for Notches, like charms, but different!

NOTCH® Tales are perfect for clipping on to sports bags, handbags, stable doors, bridles, saddles, dog, cat or bird cages, school bags, luggage, key rings, lanyards, belt loops, zips, pretty much anything and anywhere you want to celebrate life, love, sport and motivation.

With room for 12 Notches, spacers and featuring a robust metal clip, Tale ends are engraved with the NOTCH® logo and measure 12.5cm end to end.

Each Notch you add to your NOTCH® Tale is specially engraved to tell your own story of success, or anything that’s important to you, from any aspect of your life.

You can create your own Personalised Notches, or scroll down our Home Page and choose from our full range of pre-engraved Notches.

To make your NOTCH® Tale truly individual, use the option above and upgrade the end with personalised engraving that's unique to you. 

Go YOUR important!